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Episode 56: Second Project Slump, and Finding the Core

As you may have noticed, the Game Engine Podcast has gone quiet for a while. We’ve stopped recording for various reasons, but are looking at some options for continuing the podcast. In the meantime, we’ve got 3 episodes and some iFest interviews that we never got around to posting (these episodes are at least 2 months old).

In this episode, Saul and Paul go all introspective, as we discuss a process for discovering the core of a project that we’d recently undergone for our Flatland project*. Along the way, we discuss the Second Project Effect as well.

*Note that shortly after this recording, we realised that the backlash of the Second Project Effect meant that we’d lost too much momentum to make a proper go at building Flatland. We subsequently split the team in two to build completely new projects as a palette cleanser, which has been fairly successful. We’re still wanting to come back to Flatland at some point, but we’re unsure as to when exactly this will happen. Regardless, I (Paul) feel that the exercise we describe here was well worth it and well worth posting.

Thanks to Jack Gillespie for cleaning up the audio as much as possible (sorry for recording on a dodgy voice recorder!).

  • http://www.ominousdev.com OminousChris

    Is there a name for the type of exercise you mentioned? Love to run my own..

    • pdyxs

      I don’t think so? Let me check and I’ll get back to you.

  • http://gravatar.com/hinzee hinzee

    Glad you guys are back! 😀

  • http://twitter.com/garnef42 Chris Castle (@garnef42)

    I only just recently found your podcast. I am on episode 20 so far. I live half way round the world in Michigan and I love how so many of the things you cover are universal, though I wish we had government support here. I really hope you guys can continue the podcast.