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Episode 52: 3 Things you’ve learned (1 Year Special)

We finally reached a year!  Join us for our anniversary episode where regulars Andrew, Paul and Saul are joined by Dan Graf and Tim Taylor to discuss 3 things we’ve learned in the past 6-ish months about making games. We’re also joined through text by Paul Grey, who couldn’t make it but was able to send his thoughts through.

Apologies to listeners, but we had a second episode recorded with Rebecca Fernandez and Jens Schroeder on the same topic which was unfortunately lost. Our apologies to them also.

So a year on we’ve come to know more about ourselves. 54 weeks or so ago Andrew and Paul discussed the potential for a game development podcast and a year ago we began recording it. Saul joined us at Episode 4 and Dan at Episode 6 and magic happened week in and week out. As always a year is a good point of reflection, so we look into ourselves and discover what we’ve learned.

You can, as always, contact us through emailTwitterFacebook or Google+. This episode can be found here (of course!), as well as via the RSS Feed or iTunes (we would love more ratings and reviews!). If there’s somewhere you can’t find us but wish you could, let us know.

As always, thanks to Jordan D’arcy for the audio work, and thanks to Dan for pre-recording the informative intro!

Also, apologies for a very late post. I (Andrew) was going to write this one for the first time in forever but my body has an allergic reaction to Winter.