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Episode 47a: Why Games are great for Education

This week, the Game Engine Podcast gets a special double episode as Andrew and Paul are joined by Ben Sand of Brainworth to discuss games for education. In this first episode, we discuss why the gaming medium is a great way to educate real-world skills.

Our action item for this week: What have games taught you?

Be sure to tune in for part 2 of the education extravaganza, where we ask how best to make games that educate.

You can, as always, contact us through emailtwitterfacebook or google+. This episode can be found here on this lovely website, as well as via the RSS Feed or iTunes (we would love some more ratings and reviews, if you please!). If there’s somewhere you can’t find us but wish you could, let us know.

Thanks again to Jordan D’Arcy for editing this week’s double header.