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Ep 51: The Hero’s Journey

This week, Paul, Andrew and Saul (with the help of an intro by Dan!) step out of the Ordinary World and set off on a quest to examine The Hero’s Journey, that much trumpeted storytelling template that originates in the works of Joseph Campbell, famously expounded by Christopher Vogler and employed by the likes of George Lucas.

Is the Journey the be-all and end-all of storytelling? How relevant is it to games? Which famous game developer recently expressed his dislike of it? And what’s it got to do with shamans and their use of hallucinogenic substances? Find out, as we Cross the Threshhold.

A few links to media discussed on the show:

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As always, thanks to Jordan D’arcy for the audio work, and thanks to Dan for pre-recording the informative intro!

Apologies for the late post – it seems I promised to write this and then completely forgot. For shame.