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Ep 49: Dance as a metaphor for Games

This time, Paul and guest Anurag (SeeThrough Studios) take Andrew for a spin as they discuss how dance relates to game design, stepping between the concepts of connections, leading/following, improvisation and pacing amongst others.

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Thanks again to Jordan D’Arcy for editing the podcast.

  • http://josipkladaric.blogspot.com/ Josip Kladaric

    Hey guys, thanks for answering my question. I planed to have the smell, sound and vision sensors in the AI and you just made me sure that we really need all of them 😀
    I am already waiting for the next podcast. Keep ’em coming !

  • Neniv

    I think fighting games are a perfect example of dance as a metaphor for games. You have to constantly measure your opponent’s distance compared to yours and plan out and/or set up the moves you think they will make. You can both alternate being the leader. The fact that the moves rely on frame data reminds me of written music. Each move takes up a certain amount of “beats” or frames, with the “song/routine” lasting the length of the match. Some people may stick to the same characters/combos, which I would relate to people doing disco moves or the robot at a club these days. The high level competitors generally set the standards for characters/combos, so naturally people will follow in their footsteps if the dance looks good and is functional.