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#60: Wordwatching – Gone Home and Papers Please

#60: Wordwatching – Gone Home and Papers Please

For their discussion of two of the most interesting games of the year thus far – Papers Please and Gone Home – Saul, Paul and Andrew are joined by the enigmatic Tim Stobo (formally of Team Bondi and now of hard-to-articulate indie studio Quest’s End Games).

Both games share a focus on minutiae and involve lots of reading, but what is it that makes each of them a uniquely special experience? Is Papers Please fun, or an interesting-but-tedious chore? Does Gone Home break if you go off the beaten path? All this and more examined in anxious detail in this week’s episode.

Our bonus topic this time around is GoG’s answer to Steam Greenlight – an indie-publishing service that makes up for in interesting promises what it lacks in catchy names (it doesn’t appear to have one at all).

As always, thanks to Studio Ripple for our intro/outro music, and to SAE for the recording space and gear. Send questions and topic ideas to us via FacebookTwitter or email. Subscribe on iTunes or via the RSS feed.