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#59: The Publisher-Developer Tango

#59: The Publisher-Developer Tango

Has there ever been a more tempestuous relationship than that between a creator and his or her publisher? Saul, Paul and Andrew sit down opposite Travis Plane of Surprise Attack Games*, Australia’s first independent publisher. By the end, our intrepid hosts have discovered that publishing has many facets and comes in many flavours (like a gemstone carved from ice-cream), and Travis has renounced the word “publisher” forever.

This week’s bonus is a discussion of Saints’ Row IV’s $1 million Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition (yes, it’s really called that), which bleeds into a discussion of “special editions” generally – the pros, the cons, the bling.

And guess what? We’re pretty sure that this week’s episode has no major audio problems. Hazzah! (Let us know if we’re wrong, of course.)

As always, thanks to Studio Ripple for our intro/outro music, and to SAE for the recording space and gear. Send questions and topic ideas to us via FacebookTwitter or email. Subscribe on iTunes or via the RSS feed.

*Full Disclosure: Surprise Attack Games are publishing SeeThrough Studios’ next game, Particulars.