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Game Engine Podcast Game Club: Q.U.B.E

The Game Engine Podcast: Game Club will air it’s first episode LIVE on the 12th of April at 8pm. On the second Thursday of April Andrew, Paul and Saul will be discussing Q.U.B.E (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion).

On the Game Club we aim to pick a game for the month which we will play and discuss. Much like a book club where enthusiasts discuss strengths and weaknesses of a novel, the Game Club aims to highlight and delve into the design and development lessons we can take away from a game. Unlike our standard recorded podcasts, the Game Club runs LIVE in the hopes that the discussion topics go beyond the regular hosts and to the audience for their feedback to further fuel our discussions. That’s right, we will happily read out questions and topics of interest given to us live in chat, or can be sent to us ahead of time through any of the usual means (noted below).

The livestream details will be posted just before we go LIVE on Thursday and regular podcast listeners need not fear for a record .mp3 version will still be released as an episode of the Game Engine Podcast to be found both on this website and over on our RSS Feed or iTunes. We are requesting feedback from listeners for our first chosen game: Q.U.B.E. You can send this feedback, thoughts, analysis or points in the topic of this month’s Game Club game through to us via email, twitter, facebook or google+.

The facebook event can also be found here: http://www.facebook.com/events/326450660751364/